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A week ending with many blessings!

Three of my favourite smiles descended down the stairs to the kitchen for breakfast today. My Mum, Chrisy from House of Mrs Wong and Tony from Huddle and Co. They’ve all come to visit. Mum’s here for a week of girly catch ups before Reis returns home (he’s been out bush for a few weeks)…. Read more »

Up the Blues

So I’ve never watched a full game of football until last night, but my goodness, I now understand why Reis gets so nervous in games! It was intense. I was on the edge of my seat practically the whole game. I don’t know if it’s: a) because the game was ‘one of the best ever… Read more »

Two Years

Recently, we escaped to the tranquil little town of Maleny to celebrate our two year wedding anniversary. I can’t believe it’s been two years since our wedding and moving to Brisbane! We’ve formed two anniversary traditions. The first tradition is staying at Maleny Bramasole. The hosts, Dennis and Gail, are so kind and hospitable and… Read more »

The story of our puppy, Jed.

You might remember meeting our puppy Jed in my early posts like these here and here. Jed is the most loving , beautiful, friendly dog. But he is also the biggest handful. He’s overly active and constantly needs attention. Or at least that is how he was early last year. When I was thinking about… Read more »

Memoirs of a waiting heart

This year has tested the hypothesis that being an army wife is tough. The warnings have proven true. It is no easy feat. Reis was deployed for 122 days and arrived home 3 weeks ago. Two months into the deployment we caught up for a week in Darwin (which was amazing and felt like a… Read more »

Provision in sickness

Unfortunately, I am not standing on the beach, gobsmacked, watching a great red ball of heat slowly dissipate below the horizon. This was after another wonderful Darwin sunset. Today, my view looks like this: It’s a little bit sad I’m the sickest I’ve been in years. BUT were my face not quite so pale and… Read more »

A snippet of army wife life: reuniting

I massaged my temples and closed my drooping weary eyes, hoping that I might be able to reduce my dishevelled appearance when I landed in Darwin. A four hour flight lay ahead of me (as a point of comparison, it took me four hours to get to Fiji from Sydney!). I hadn’t slept much all… Read more »

Reflecting with lots of love…

With life often feeling like I am on a jet propelled treadmill, running from one event to the next,  seldom do I take the time to really reflect on how much I love my husband and how thankful I am for the gifts and characteristics God has given him. This morning, however, I did just that…. Read more »

He’s Back – Part 2

    I want to be real with you. Although my life in the blogosphere may be portrayed as dandelions, rainbows and all things sweet, my life in the real world sure has its fair share of difficulties. For instance, when Reis returns home after some time away I find it difficult to adjust to living… Read more »

He’s home again

 My man came home last night after a 6 week course and I couldn’t be happier. He cooked me a BBQ for dinner.  I tucked my cold feet in between his thighs instead of heating a wheat pack to warm them when I went to bed and only used one doona instead of my usual… Read more »